How is a Beagle


Before buying a beagle and being part of your family for the next 10 to 15 years, you need to know how to make your house beagle-proof.

Remember that beagles are not basically indoor pets, even though they are small and affectionate. They are natural hunting dogs, so the beagle is one of the most adventurous dog breeds. This means that it is able to nibble, dig and jump over the fences in order to go exploring.

Making the house worthy of a beagle. Keeping a beagle on a floor is not advisable, a beagle is a social animal. If you intend to block a beagle inside your house and then you go to the office, when you arrive you will find your house completely destroyed. This is because a lonely beagle checked the house in your search, did not find you, got bored and decided to destroy everything. He saw some shoes and clothes on the floor, chewed them, then noticed some furniture and chewed on the legs of the furniture, made him hungry, drank from the toilet bowl and destroyed your bathroom, too. This is just an example of what a boring beagle can do.

You will put your childproof house, right? Waterproofing against beagles is done in the same way. You need to keep your beagle safe, in the same way, it is necessary to keep things in your home safe from your beagle.

  • Get rid of all the plants in your garden.
  • Remove the wire mesh and place a fence. Beagles have been known to jump over fences 6 feet high, so you should increase the height of the fence.
  • Make sure the area around the fence is covered with rocks. This will prevent your beagle from digging in your garden.
  • keep your beagle in sight when it's playing in the yard. This way you can get to know about some mischief or if he is trying to escape.
  • Hide all easily accessible things, such as clothes, papers, shoes and books.

How to make your rooms beagle proof?

• Cats, imagine you are a beagle. What do you see in front of you? Can you bite it, destroy it or chew it? Take it away.

  • Your curious little beagle is very capable of biting through electrical and telephone cables. So loose wires must be firmly secured.
  • Your dog should not be allowed to enter an area where there are electrical cables, such as computer cables, television cables, music system cables, etc. Fix them to the wall, if you can't prevent your beagle from entering the area.
  • Prevent the beagle from opening your kitchen cabinets by installing security devices on the doors. This will prevent your dog from coming into contact with household cleaning agents, harming himself.
  • Keep the bathroom door and the toilet lid closed.

These are just some of the ways in which you can make your house beagle-proof, take it right now and make sure your little beagle is safe.

Personal> Beagles have a good character and, raised to be group animals, they will get along with most dogs. They love children, but they need to be in contact with cats from puppies to be able to establish good relationships with felines. The Beagle is a great guard dog, which will bark at anything unusual. Although once the thief has entered, the Beagle will surely prefer to play with him.

In general, it is a robust and healthy breed. However, like many other races, you can suffer from hip dysplasia (a disease that can cause mobility problems). Therefore, it is important an examination of the hip of the dogs before dedicating them to the breeding. Epilepsy and a type of meningitis (painful Beagle syndrome) are diseases that occur more frequently in this breed.

The Beagle needs a lot of exercise: about two hours a day or more. Because of his strong hunter instinct, he cannot let himself loose until he is well trained to return when called. One way to keep your dog in shape is by allowing him to use his natural talents for hunting. Dog field tests are popular among Beagles owners.

Small dogs have a fast metabolism, which means they burn energy at a very high rate. This means that, with such a small stomach, they should eat little but often. Foods for small breeds are specifically devised with adequate proportions of key nutrients and smaller feed grains that fit smaller mouths. This also stimulates chewing and improves digestion.

This breed is easy to care for, since it only requires a weekly brushing to remove dead and loose hair. A small problem is that Beagle love to scrub over places that smell bad. Luckily, it is very easy to bathe them. Ears should be checked regularly to make sure they are clean and there is no infection.

Beagle characteristics

  • Height at the cross: from 33 to 40 cm
  • Weight: about 15 kg
  • Cap: all colors allowed in hounds
  • Average life: twelve years
  • Character: intelligent, alive, cheerful and determined
  • Relationship with children: good
  • Relationship with other dogs: good
  • Aptitudes: hunting of the hare and the rabbit, small game with shotgun, companion dog
  • Space needs: can live inside the house
  • Beagle feeding: about 300 g daily of complete dry food
  • Arrangement: none
  • Maintenance cost: moderate

The reasons for the continued popularity of Beagle They are varied, and this is because it is truly a versatile dog that performs many functions. First and foremost, it was essentially a hunting dog, a true hound. Secondly, he was a specialist for the hare, which could be found in abundance in the British Isles, and for white-tailed rabbits, so abundant in the US. Third, its versatility as a hunting dog was remarkable, since it could be used for almost any type of highland piece, and is especially effective for catching squirrels and pheasants. Last but not least, it was and continues to be a small, jovial, affectionate and faithful dog, which makes it very popular as a pet and companion for children.

All puppies are beautiful, but there is nothing as adorable as a puppy Beagle. The standard for this breed of the Kennel Club of England says that the expression must be kind and attractive, while the American Kennel Club defines it as sweet, pleasant and pleading. I especially like the word "supplicant," since it is that aspect that makes it almost impossible to reject a Beagle, since they all seem to be saying, "Please take me home with you." Those big brown eyes and their pendulous ears could melt a stone.

Virtues of the Beagle

He Beagle It is a breed that easily fits into most homes. He wants to please those he loves and be by his side as long as possible, measuring when he is next to his beloved people. The Beagle they can be trained, but they will never work with the precision with which they obey a normal Dobermann or Shetland Sheepdog. When ordered "Come-back," the trend of Beagle is to answer: "Yes, in a minute", and continue with what you are doing. As the Beagle sigh to please, learn what you like (and at the same time make him feel good), and will strive to maintain this state of affairs. It will be as obedient as necessary for you to be in a good mood, but, as it is a Beagle, think of some innovative tricks to make you laugh and keep you entertained. Life with a Beagle It is always fun.

He Beagle It has a manageable size, and a size between 33 and 40 cm at the withers. It has a square constitution, which means that the length of its body (from its chest to its legs) is approximately equal to its height from the ground to the cross. With his innate instinct for hunting and for following a trail, and his body constitution, he is an athletic and functional dog. You can jump on your lap and inside your car, go for long walks with your belt on and follow you when you go jogging in the woods or on the beach.

It is also easy to care for and simply needs a good quality standard diet for dogs, and with its beautiful and short coat you will not need excessive grooming. He needs occasional bathing and weekly grooming, which will include brushing him to keep loose hairs under control, and cutting his nails.

On the negative side, the stubbornness of Beagle It is legendary. He Beagle You need an owner who is kind, but firm, tolerant and insistent, someone who does not lose his temper when the dog capriciously disobeys: someone who enjoys the challenges.

The "music" of Beagle It is exactly that: music for some and noise for others. A Beagle Lonely will howl and, in the cities, this will not contribute to good relations with their neighbors.

Who is the ideal owner?

A couple in which both people work can provide a good home for a Beagle if they do not leave you outside the home when they arrive home and you are included, whenever possible, in the evening and weekend activities.

He usually gets along with children of any age, as long as they have grown up together and the children are friendly, careful and considerate to the dog. Children and dogs make a good couple, as long as children keep in mind that a dog is like a person with hair and not a teddy bear or a doll.

What does the Beagle need?

A home where there is always someone during the day is ideal for any dog, making socialization and basic education easier. But in the current times, when both members of a couple work and the children are in school, some plans must be made to accommodate the puppy while alone. You should not leave a puppy loose around the house. Even leaving you locked in the kitchen or pantry is not an ideal solution. A puppy we leave alone will get bored and will soon cause damage to their environment. This is not good for furniture or for the puppy, since many of these objects can cause great damage and expensive veterinary bills if they are bitten and swallowed. You should learn everything about the use of a cage as an instrument for the basic education of the puppy.

Every dog ​​that lives in an urban area must have a fenced enclosure. We cannot expect a dog that stays within the boundaries of its property or that it looses safely around the neighborhood, and Beagle They are not an exception. There are too many cars and trucks that also go too fast to risk a dog going loose on the street.

We must always take him for a walk with the leash and collar on. When you do not wear the leash you must be very far from traffic, since your innate curiosity, your keen sense of smell and your devotion to hunting will leave you aside and continue with what you are doing, either with or Without its owner.

No dog likes to be locked up and away when his family is at home. A Beagle participating, whenever possible, in family activities will be a Beagle Happy and well adapted.

Beagle health concerns

Hypothyroidism (insufficient functioning of the thyroid gland) is a fairly common health problem in dogs, whether they are purebred or crossed, and affects many Beagle elderly. Many dogs are born with normal thyroid function, but they may become hypothyroid as they age. There are two causes for this problem: one is autoimmune thyroid disease and the other, more frequent, is idiopathic hypothyroidism.

The good news about the second type of hypothyroidism is that its diagnosis is not complex through a blood sample and its treatment is easy and cheap: it simply consists of administering a small pill once or twice a day. Common indicators of hypothyroidism are lethargy, the tendency to obesity, increased sensitivity to cold and heat, bilateral hair loss and bilateral blackening of the skin, especially in the abdomen and thighs. Hypothyroidism can also negatively affect reproduction.

Back problems are as frequent in dogs as in people, and it is known that Beagle They also suffer. There are many reasons why dogs suffer from back problems (ranging from the thoracic vertebrae, through the lumbar and to the coccygeal region), and these include family and environmental causes. Dogs with skeletal problems that affect their flexibility and movements should not be used as breeding animals.

Also, we should worry about keeping our Beagle Slender and thin, with a small layer of fat and musculature covering the ribs. Ideally, he should look like a strong and slender athlete capable of performing the job for which he was raised.

Common symptoms of back problems can be reluctance to go up and down stairs or get in and out of your car, shake, hide, lack of appetite and, in extreme cases, a humpbacked posture or partial or complete paralysis of the hind limbs Any of these symptoms will require immediate attention from a veterinarian.

Canine epilepsy is another disease that affects the Beagle. Comprehensive research on the inheritance of epilepsy has been carried out, and the study of pedigrees shows that it is indeed hereditary (more occurs in members of the same family than one would expect if the reason were mere chance) . One question you should ask the breeder you visit about your line is: "Have any of your dogs had epileptic seizures?" It is important that you know that a responsible breeder would not raise those animals that suffer from this disease. Apart from epilepsy, there are other reasons why a dog may suffer seizures but, in spite of this, any type of attack should make us go immediately to the veterinarian to have the dog undergo a complete check-up to make the diagnosis.

"Garbage can enteritis" is a term that applies to dogs that feast on eating things that are not normally found in their food container, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort. Dogs that have stolen food from the kitchen table, from the garbage can or have been sniffing around the laundry basket should be monitored for any type of discomfort: lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or an obstruction intestinal. Remember that both adult dogs and puppies can swallow things that are not opaque, such as a pair of lady's or lingerie, that will not appear on an x-ray but that can lead to complete obstruction of the intestine. It is best to seek professional help so Soon as we appreciate any kind of inconvenience.

If you want to know more about the Beagle We recommend the publication of the publishing house Hispano Europea Beagle Excellence Series:

Frequent health problems in the Beagle

One of the characteristics of the Beagle is its big appetite. He never tires of eating! So it is possible that if the amount of feed you eat is not controlled, end up developing weight problems.

Apart from the tendency to gain weight, glutton! You are at risk of:

  • Epilepsy
  • Heart problems
  • Back diseases
  • Eye diseases

It is a very healthy dog! So practically, you only have to take the veterinarian for check-ups, vaccinations ...

Are you going to buy a Beagle? What advice do you need?

If you are looking for your Beagle puppy, there are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Make sure the breeder answers all your questions, and that he really knows the breed.
  • Do you have any references from other breeders, customers ...?
  • Make sure the dogs are enrolled in the LOE, if you are acquiring a pedigree puppy, check that it is in order. Remember! Processing the pedigree of a puppy is not expensive. Is he giving you excuses? Beware!
  • Ask the breeder for the updated puppy book.
  • It never hurts to ask the breeder to show you his facilities, so you can see the status of the rest of the puppies and the conditions in which he has them.
  • Remember! The puppy has to be with his mother for at least two months. Does the puppy have eyes closed? It's too small!

Before acquiring your future pet, consider the care it requires, and in the case of the Beagle, the basic care is:

  • Brushing occasionally (remember to use a rubber brush)
  • Bath every 6-8 weeks
  • Nail care
  • Eye, ear and tooth care
  • Go to the vet for vaccinations and reviews

Do you dare to have a Beagle as a partner?


Beagles are often considered to get along well with other pets and with children. They are cheerful dogs who like affection. They prefer the company. In fact, if left alone, they can howl and adopt destructive behaviors. According to a guide for dog owners, beagles also top the list of excessive barking and can be difficult to train in sphincter control and obedience.


Beagles are active and curious dogs. They are also hounds, so they roam by nature. It is necessary to prevent them from walking dangerously by confining them in a fenced yard or on a leash when leaving home.

Beagles are also nice dogs. Do not count on them to protect your home. They can bark, but they probably won't do much more than shake their tails if they encounter an intruder.

Her short hair is extraordinarily easy to care for and requires minimal grooming and only occasional baths. Once they stop being puppies, some beagles seem to have a tendency to become overweight quickly, so you have to monitor your caloric intake. The life expectancy of the beagle is around 12 years.

The beagle breed has existed for centuries and is one of the best known in the world. According to a historian of races, it was already written about the Beagles in the fifteenth century.

They descend from the hounds used in equipment by hunters on foot in England, Wales and France. For hunting on horseback a variety known as "pocket beagles" was used because they measured less than 25 cm and could be carried in the pocket of a jacket to the starting point of the hunt. The beagle is better known as a rabbit hunter, although this breed has also been used to hunt animals as diverse as jackals and wild boars.

Although some beagles are still used individually or in equipment for hunting, but most are currently house pets.